Our lawn service programs are tailored specifically for your grass type and growing conditions. Our team of certified technicians can address every concern that you have and will spend the extra time to help educate you on how to get the lawn you’ve always wanted. We only use the highest quality balanced fertilizers available and we work alongside some of the best suppliers to ensure that you have a thick, green, and weed free lawn. With our Turf Medic backed guarantee, we can assure you that if there is a problem, we will fix it. We are committed to ensuring that you receive the best service for years to come!

To help us determine the best treatment plan for your lawn, we are happy to come to your residence or place of business and perform a complimentary Lawn Analysis. Once this process is completed, we will provide you with a custom quote. Please fill out the form below or Contact us here.

Core Aeration

An important step to achieving a more healthy and robust lawn is a mechanical process called ‘core aeration’ which helps to create thicker grass by removing small portions of the turf with an aeration machine.

Once these small “plugs” of soil are removed, they will remain on the surface of your yard and will eventually join back with your lawn once they decompose.

• Helps to stimulate the growth of new grass
• Helps reduce compaction of soil
• Makes deep roots more robust
• Decreases the impact of stress due to drought
• Reduces weed growth
• Reduces disease and insects
• Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers

Weed Control

Keep your lawn free of unsightly, aggressive weeds! Unfortunately, most lawns are prone to weed growth and they can be quite difficult to control.

TurfMedic can help you fight Broadleaf weeds with the use of our custom synthetic herbicides. Our products are carefully formulated to eliminate weed infestations without the risk of damaging your lawn.

Our certified technicians will carefully apply the necessary treatments only to specific areas where weeds are present. This reduces any need to spray areas of your lawn where weeds do not exist.

Due to the fact that new growth can occur at any given time, your lawn may require several applications of our treatment to effectively eliminate stubborn weeds.

Fertilizer & Soil Amendments

Providing your grass with the proper nutrients is one of the most important things you can do to achieve a healthy, thick lawn that will remain robust throughout the season. Providing a balanced application of necessary fertilizing treatments can improve the quality of your lawn.

Additionally, adding soil amendments, such as calcitic lime, to your lawn is also a good way to help balance out acidic PH levels in the soil which helps to improve healthy growth.

TurfMedic is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality fertilizers and soil amendments on the market. Our treatment plans are customized for each lawn and type of grass. For best results, these plans need to be executed in a consistent manner and at the appropriate times of year.

Insect Control

Insects can inflict damage on lawns which is why it is vital to take action against them. The white grub can devastate grass by feeding on the roots, while cinch bugs pierce the blades in order to extract their nutritional juices which eventually causes the grass to wither and die.

Also, mammals such as birds, raccoons and skunks can dig up portions of the lawn in an effort to feed on the insects and their larvae that are buried beneath the surface.

Our TurfMedic experts know exactly the right times of year to apply the necessary types of treatments that will coincide with the larvae stages of each insect. This is an important factor as the proper timing of treatment will help to prevent the insects from returning and will give your lawn the best chance of recovery.

Tree & Shrub Applications

Don’t neglect your trees and shrubs. They need extra nourishment to be healthy and thrive!

Trees are meant to be beautiful and enhance your landscape. But without the proper nutrients to help their growth accelerate, they may not reach their full potential.

TurfMedic will treat your trees and shrubs with the proper top quality fertilizers and apply them directly into the soil so they have the best chance of reaching the root systems.

This process will create a more healthy growing environment since the soil itself is being fed, thus reducing the effects of environmental stress.

Disease Control

Does your lawn look dull and patchy? This may be due to a variety of lawn diseases that can wreck havoc on your landscape. Especially in areas prone to higher humidity and temperature levels, there are many types of fungi that can develop on the grass and cause it to wither and turn brown.

Depending on the time of year, your lawn may experience summer patch, lawn rust, brown patch, snow mold and other unsightly effects of disease. These diseases can spread via fungal spores in the air that can infiltrate your lawn.

TurfMedic can help to prevent and eliminate these problems with our top quality anti-fungal treatments that are customized according to your type of grass.

Our team of experts will also help to educate you on fungal prevention such as offering tips on proper mowing and watering techniques.

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